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The Jig is Up


I feel like a vampire walking into the floodlights

for a stage play he’s never even read

It’s only my sister’s apartment

but the harsh light burns

like an open flame

and there is a crowd of family members

staring at me in horror


for me to say or do


Can anyone still spell the words ‘self portrait’? Apparently the average is two claps now, three syllables is so hard on the tongue though…

Side Two of Abscessed With You. Noise, punk, poetry, rock and roll.

Existence is Futile

Up for 84 hours. Life’s better at night anyway. Wish my frog didn’t die. This is a self-serve society. Ask for a hand and they’ll hand you a bill. No wonder everyone is so fucking depressed.

Tj Brown

if i’d see you, i’d just say “fuck you”


behind pseudo sickness you crawl to me,
with your lies like flies between your teeth,
adderall caked on your cheeks. your fingers are 
unwilling to leave prints, and i can only shake you

yes, go leave. yes, escape if you must,
but i know any lands you walk on will spring with dead
weeds. because you twisted and turned me for two years,
speaking of love but instead giving me
icy nights and days full of eyeliner streaked tears. 

go and live with your “gluten-sensitive” lifestyle,
your hypochondriac tainted glasses, seeing nothing but
no and no and no and empty voids, 
running through role-plays that are always so much more appealing then
a beautiful girl who ripped her heart out for

no, i’m not cynical. no, i’m not
i am frustrated. wishing you had cried for me for weeks, and i know
you didn’t. i am thinking of those bruises on your neck, your
"fuck buddy" and how your step-sister was a better choice
for you. 

so leave, please, just leave. 
and no, i don’t want to see you. 
you can’t leave ashes in my mouth, not this time. 

Side Two of Abscessed With You. Noise, punk, poetry, rock and roll.

Folk rock with a little bit of acoustic pop, punk & poetry tossed in.


Listen/download: PINK NAILS EP by WTVR MOM

this is just 2 new songs + some stupid song i recorded like a year ago and never used for anything but you should download it anyway and listen to it all the time because it goes tbh………..


(via blacksquares)

hell is a frame of mind. thank god you didn’t get locked in the box on that last syd trip kiddo


the creature, diablo, the stuff of your nightmares sprints in spirited chase as you bike up a sharp incline

the front tire wobbles as momentum is lost, perhaps never again to be found

your every muscle wails in protest and between choked, labored breaths a single thought flashes in a red-colored explosion


you’re not moving fast enough and it is closer

you throw the bike down. you barely hear the clatter of it falling on the pavement. you cannot hear over your breathing and mind thoughts.

i’ll come back to this later 

every time i bike up this one hill i think about writing this well


(Source: deadgayalien)


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