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You will be the death of me darling. And a beautiful ending it shall be.

—Navin E. (via wordswritteninsilence)

beautiful balloons
lazily drifting away
splash a rainbow
across the sky

there’s a party
in the clouds
and it’s impossible
to hide my smile or
the giggle in my voice

until I remember
this is the way
you died

Max Mundan, helium

© David Rutter 2014

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(via maxmundan)

(via maxmundan)



"Are you pansexual?"

"I suppose? Maybe?"

"What do you mean, maybe?”

"I’m not really sure how to label myself."

"Well, how do you identify romantically? Sexually?"

"Over-romantic and generally horny."

Pansy Division Smells Like Queer Spirit

how much lower will i sink (it’s lower than you think)/ tannis root blues


the idea of god doesn’t let me have any fun and satan wants to torture me, i’ve been to hell before

i call it “locked in the box” but i got out, satan doesn’t have any chance 

i’m one of the good guys 

i cheated myself out of belly shirts then realized y’all cheated me out of accepting myself in a belly shirt  and i’m catching up on all the belly shirt wearing i missed because it’s getting hotter and i don’t need pardon for being rounder 

god is probably the fattest motherfucker you couldn’t stand to lay eyes on 

god is naked. god wobbles, a divine jelly, not wearing a cloak of ripped veil because it’s hot as hell and the idea of shame taint ingrained 

because i want to look like god, i took off the belly shirt that displays and damns me and you called the police 

i fled on foot, jiggling away before they probably didn’t arrive but i was ready for a nude spiritual war. i had to go get miranda first


i wonder why flies like shit 

i wonder if they feast on my excrement out in the yard 

bet there are lots of flies in hell 

flies that aren’t quite torturous but definitely a pestilence

stretched over an eternity, annoying can be maddening  

i’d like to believe in hell because the idea of justice is enticing, yes? 

otherwise stalin, pot, popper, hitler, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:People_convicted_of_genocide_by_nationality might of become butterflies and now live among the colorful crocuses and tulips in a charming glen or dale, some lush low valley 

murderous people could be small silver fish perusing through a sea of tanned legs and asses by the beaches of Sao Paulo during hot, celebratory times 

some people want to see justice served but rarely get it right on earth

maybe something is next

man i hope it doesn’t hurt 

Pink M.

I carved canyons in my face,

crevices, 2014 in my chest,

craters in my arms.

Guess I needed a permanent way

to illustrate to reality

all the darkened ugliness

that has clouded up my mind.”


Tj Brown, Aug 2, 4:33am, 

Love hate relationship


Souless and empty wondering how I got here. Back in the basement diluting liquids until they get clear Never like the first hit never does a shot miss feeling only fake bliss wondering how I got here back in my one happily alone not a single care only on bought time while im stuck confined here revelations of shame of the man I became sad to say I enjoy this sickness misfit or not I isolate from forgiveness sad to say I enjoy this sickness sad to say this metallic taste il always miss 

By My Partner in crime Vinnie 



It isn’t moments of sadness that make me think of him, but moments of curiosity. I wonder if he’s found a cure for his insatiable sadness, or simply found a new drug of choice. I try to forgive myself for being his methadone for her heroin.

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