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Fucking noise.

ISIS will be in Baghdad within hours if not already. A lot of people are going to die if they can’t get away. Enough bombs to protect the oil, enough cops to oppress the people. The world is on the brink of another genocide and the people in power are just turning away…







Hemp is a Sensible, Sustainable, Highly-Industrializable Plant

We should utilize it. Hemp could solve many problems.

END PROHIBITION. It is NOT just about smoking.


This is wonderful.

if youre 18 and live in michigan make sure youre registered to vote, legalization of marijuana is on the ballet the november!

Imagine the possibilities and stop demonizing such a useful and versatile plant.

Yes x100

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Bad Brains-Banned in DC






Someone on fb posted a video of a black guy saying cultural appropriation is no big deal and white people can wear dreadlocks if they want, along with comments along the lines of, “take that you whiners.”

I said it’s not right for us, as white people, to dismiss all other black people who speak out against cultural appropriation just because we found one black guy who wants to let us off the hook. I posted a link to a good article written by a black person to introduce people to what others have to say about it.

Above are the responses I’m getting.

I’m just…I know that I should be using my privilege to tell people why this shit isn’t ok, but I don’t know if can handle this right now.

Dreadlocks are associated most closely with the Rastafari movement, but people from many ethnic groups have worn dreadlocks, including many ancient Hamitic people of North Africa and East Africa (notably the Oromo of Ethiopia, and the Maasai of northern Kenya);Semitic people of West AsiaIndo-European people of Europe and South Asia (notably the ancient Spartan warriors of Greece, and the Sadhus of India and Nepal); Turkic people ofAnatolia and Central Asia; the Sufi Rafaees; and the Sufi malangs and fakirs of Pakistan. Some Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon are also believed to have worn locks, as is portrayed in paleolithic cave art in Europe, perhaps for spiritual reasons.”

So by this logic only Neanderthals are allowed to wear dreadlocks. Its stereotyping to think dreadlocks are only a part of black culture. Greek Spartans, Indian Sandhus and Sufis all wore their hair in dreadlocks. Maybe people should take the time to learn a bit of history before forming baseless opinions.

So tell me, who owns the rights to dreadlocks?

What logic?  I said that black people talking about cultural appropriation shouldn’t be dismissed.  From that, you came up with “only neanderthals are allowed to wear dreadlocks?”

Maybe you should take the time to read posts instead of just saying random shit whenever someone tags something with “dreadlocks” and “cultural appropriation.”

Other peoples history and culture is not “random shit”. Its historical fact. No one’s opinion ought to be dismissed. Since dreadlocks have been around for thousands of years they do not ‘belong’ to any specific culture. You said, “we found one black guy who wants to let us off the hook”. This implies that black people have some sort of monopoly over dreadlocks, when in fact they are part of many diverse cultures. Not all black people have dreadlocks and not all people with dreadlocks are black. You seem to be against white people with dreadlocks, however Spartan Greeks, and Europeans also wore dreadlocks. Indo-Europeans include Germans, Slavic peoples, and Armenians. These people are white, yet dreadlocks are present in all of their cultures since ancient times. Don’t dismiss cultural appropriation, learn how to identify it. If someone were to wear ceremonial Zulu war-dance clothing in America and they were not Zulu, that would be cultural appropriation because that specific style of dress belongs only to the Zulu culture. Dreadlocks form when tangled hair goes uncombed for long periods. They are a part of many distinct cultures. Christianity arose in what is now Israel, yet is it cultural appropriation for Desmond Tutu to be an archbishop?

Another Way to Stop Anxiety

As the Fraser River keeps trying to

Draw the entire Pacific ocean

Into the hearts of Vancouvrites

A little tugboat is pulling

A huge barge

Full of unseen cargo

Into the little harbour

When you watch it with your mind’s eyes

Or when you go astray in your dream

Yuan Changming, an 8-time Pushcart nominee, is the most widely published poetry author who speaks Mandarin but writes English. Tutoring and co-editing Poetry Pacific with Allen Qing Yuan in Vancouver, Changming has poetry appearing in 909 literary publications across 30 countries, including Best Canadian Poetry (2009,12,14), BestNewPoemsOnline and Threepenny Review.

missing: in a quiet place that’s green
where neon seascapes all are smiling
and the white windmills barely speak
where diamond panther eyes are violet
and the sobbing moon never sleeps
suspended by shallow light
between two arguing palomino trees
in a fish net made of stardust
with hollow cups full of angels blood
to fill and calm our empty veins
and all you can feel here is warmth
even beneath their harsh words
you wont feel them breathing
all you feel is warm
vampire queen
idol of my restless sleep
vying here and dying here, for you
beneath giants named suicide and grief,
with failed Gods living
through melodramatic scenes
behind the black and white outlines
of heavens broken sky-screen TV
please, pass the fucking weed
ill be smoking there with them
while you try to resurrect me

MC5 The American Ruse (www.easyaction.co.uk)

The way they pull you over it’s suspicious 

Yeah, for something that just ain’t your fault 
If you complain they’re gonna get vicious 
Kick in the teeth and charge you with assault
Yeah, but I can see the chickens coming home to roost 
Young people everywhere are gonna cook their goose 
Lots of kids are working to get rid of these blues 
Cause everybody’s sick of the American ruse 

An Innocuous and a Forest

        Composed by –Pijush Kanti Deb
An innocuous is quite objectionable
for living somehow in a forest
that whisper in his ears
‘’Might is right’’
and shows its sharp nailed paws
and burning eyes to him
to turn his days into sombrous nights.
‘’Is he too stoic to be reformed?’’
A philanthropist with a lamp in hand
asks the mirror
but dies leaving the question unanswered
and the lamp extinguished.
In the darkness
a consequent narcotic solo
reverberates in the forest,
makes it drowsy
and bewitches the innocuous too
to produce foods, ladders, toys and others
for the heart-quaking wild whisperers.

Noise is our religion, Infinity is our god.